Specializing in third party commercial management ONLY!

We focus on relationships with owners, private equity, partnerships, local LLCs, family trusts, and Associations through quick communication, management/accounting teams, flexibility and reliability throughout San Diego County. We provide cost controls, straightforward answers, sustainable strategies and well researched solutions.

We do not have our own developments or investments that would compete with your property for attention; we only work for you.  We don’t take listings or do acquisitions/dispositions, so we never compete with our broker friends. 

“Only if our clients are successful, can we achieve success!”
Promote, regulate and protect the interests of local businesses' community spaces

Tom Worth
Owner | President | Senior Property Manager
Growing up as a tall, skinny kid my older brother was always quick to point out: “You have to run around in the shower to get wet, I learned to be tough early.  Being the tallest in my class was not always easy.  I had to learn to make up tall jokes faster than my friends, so they were laughing with me, not at me.  It certainly shaped my formative years teaching me to roll with the punches, embrace my height and grow into my nickname, 'Too Tall' Tom.
From a young age, you could say my height began to define me as a man; easy to find in a crowd, always the one responsible for repairing the mainsail, first to get picked as a volleyball player, a  father of two tall, athletic daughters, never using a ladder to hang Christmas lights, and always dressed well because I couldn’t hide in a crowd.  I always have a project whether it is restoring vintage cars, boats or travel trailer, or sports, I always look forward to resolving the next challenge.  The same applies to my career.
Positioned, quite literally above the crowd, I’ve mastered a 38-year career in all facets of commercial real estate management, development, brokerage: assisting owners, tenants, Association Boards to tackle issues big and small. When I hear the words, “That’s a tall order.” I’m on it!  I enjoy working to resolve problems, set property strategy and keep ahead of the game.  In sports as well as management I never like to play from behind.  I always want to be ahead of the issues.  I support owners, Association Boards and tenants to focus on their own needs. I have a long reach in the community, not to mention my arms, and have relationships built over many years that help our owners.
I look forward to building our management portfolio through an emphasis on excellent services, accuracy, continuity, and detailed explanations of monthly and annual budgets, expedient problem solving, efficient board meetings, organized and timely communication and, most importantly, quality assurance across all aspects of our services. Together, with the aid of the entire Worth Property Management Team, I can ensure an unparalleled view of blue skies and smooth sailing with the wind always at your back.