WPM Properties

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"The management team has worked effectively with our legal, asset management, and accounting professionals; to reformulate and improve the consistency between our cost pools and budgets. Recently Tom’s skilled accounts and managers worked with our New York home office accounting group to create new account codes for each cost pool to facilitate year-end "true up" reconciliations.

Tom helps us optimize occupancy by maintaining a highly effective working relationship with our brokerage team, assisting in negotiations, and following-up from construction through move-in. This entails coordinating the efforts of the brokers, attorney, contractor and tenant.

Tom’s management and accounting teams have performed impressively on Seagate Corporate Center. Having Tom's accountants and management professionals at the same San Diego office has resulted in efficiencies as well as reliably good communication and problem solving."
"[Tom] has been instrumental in handling tenant issues such as: reducing noise level, vandalism to shared Mail boxes, issues related to TI for new tenants; suggesting contractors & vendors to conduct improvements to the center and overseeing those projects. He has also assisted some tenants with marketing and advertising to grow their sales."
" I am Dinesh Kumar, an individual investor. I purchased a 7-Eleven anchored strip shopping center in Vista, CA: Through a broker recommendation I was introduce to Tom Worth. The center was family managed and the lack of professional management was evident....Tom Worth, with very little documentation or accounting records, was able to take on the management and quickly bid competent vendors who could upgrade the property and reduce liabilities. My confidence in my new management company grew very quickly with Tom at the helm...

We had a nail salon that was nearing the end of their term. Tom approach the tenant early, went through a very tough negotiation for a small tenant, and I am confident achieved the best return for me while avoiding a vacancy and keep a long-term tenant happy....If you want to be confident and secure that your property is being managed to achieve the highest value and cash flow, I cannot recommend a better company than Worth Property Management.....

His management company has a local accounting group. They are very flexible to meet my needs. requested an urgent draw on my account by next week. Worth had the check cut that day and overnighted to me. Being responsive to the private investor's needs is a main principle of Worth Property Management. They reply to my emails quickly, and keep me abreast of any issues at my property and how they are being resolved."
" I am Steve Avoyer, President of Flocke & Avoyer Commercial Real Estate and managing member for Catalina Talbot, LLC which owns Point Loma Marketplace a +/-20,000 sq. ft. retail and office development in San Diego. We have worked with Tom Worth over the years and have found Tom to have extensive experience and a knowledge base that provided us a sounding board for problem resolution, development options, and "nuts & bolts" management for day-to-day operations of the shopping center and office building. He has proactive management skills and the ability to think "big picture" but also dig into the detail of a project.

From our experience with Worth Property Management they know what it means to be a service company. All communication is returned promptly and any problems resolved fairly and quickly. In major disputes Tom has the ability to diffuse the situation, offer alternatives and solutions, so both parties are satisfied with the results.